Our Artists

Each issue, The Film Atlas features original cover art by emerging Canadian artists.
We are lucky to select art by women creatives who are pushing boundaries through their work.
Take a moment to get to know our fantastic visionaries here. 

Micaela Dixon.

Micaela Dixon is a Canadian artist living in London, United Kingdom. Her work explores the relationship between ‘found’ objects and distortion; working with fruit, books, people, and places that organically come to surround us rather than authoring a staged moment. Her photographs aim to mediate between intimate and a shared spaces. Micaela completed her Master’s Degree at Christie’s Education in London where her thesis explored the Development of Online Auction Platforms and the diffusion of the art market. See her portfolio and become familiar with her current project, Phone Poetry, at mclmood.me.


Aleeza Yermus.

Aleeza Yermus has been interested in art and photography from a very young age. She enjoys capturing important moments, emotions, conveying truths, hidden messages, feelings, and underlying meanings through the visual. She has taken art, design, and photography classes throughout her schooling, where she has strived to gain insight into this thriving and progressive field. She finds that if you look closely enough, traces of art are present in seemingly ordinary devices. See her portfolio at aleezayermuscreations.weebly.com.


Cover Art Archives:


Issue 1 Artwork, Aleeza Yermus


Issue 2 Artwork, Micaela Dixon