Editor’s Note, Issue 2: Boundaries

Micaela Dixon . 2018. Film.

Micaela Dixon. 2018. Film.

Dear Reader,

The ways in which boundaries are depicted — or, even, the very lack of boundaries — can give us an impression that there are perfect binaries in this world. Nationalism, religion, motherhood, femininity, politics: each of these concepts are aspects of our lives that we tend to think of in absolutes. However, in most cases, the idea that there are black and white determinants of nations, personalities, philosophies, or emotion is dangerous; exacerbating false certainty and keeping people cushioned in comfortable ignorance. 

Our idea with the second issue of The Film Atlas was to encourage discussion around barriers, be they positive or negative, both on and off screen. Accordingly, Issue 2: Boundaries, speaks to the encounter of limits and film. Here we explore boundaries of the body, of personal experience, of human empathy, and of the cinematic image itself. It is our hope that this issue of The Film Atlas helps to bring reflection and encourages discussion around our limits and those of our contemporaries, too. 

Genevieve Citron
Creator, Lead Editor, and Journal Curator
The Film Atlas

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